Londonos Translations – providing translation and interpretation services across a variety of industries in over 8 languages

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Londonos Translations – providing translation and interpretation services across a variety of industries in over 8 languages

Londonos Translations provides translation and interpretation services, across a variety of industries in over 150 languages. We are a leading translation agency in London with over 15 years of experience, and we understand the needs of every industry on an international scale because we’ve worked in them. For this reason, we can provide high-quality translations of documents, audio files and videos in almost any language – including legal translations, medical translations and more – with efficiency and accuracy that you can trust. Our services include document translation, legal translation, medical translation, audio translation, video translation and much more!

10 reasons to choose us

Translation agencies in London are plentiful, but the quality is not. Not all translators are created equal; each agency employs different people, so even if you’re using two translation agencies located right next to each other, you might get very different results. Therefore, it is important to choose carefully when looking for a document translation service provider. A good starting point would be finding out how many years an agency has been around and then investigating their clients’ feedback. A good indicator of future success is a past success! As soon as your clients are happy with our work we will be getting more business from them because they will tell others about us too! With years of experience behind us, we can truly say that our legal translation services have never disappointed anyone yet!

In-depth industry expertise

Londonos is at your service, no matter what industry you’re in. We offer detailed information about a number of different sectors to ensure our clients are informed about their choices. Whether you need legal translation or financial translation, we have plenty to choose from! Whether you require document translation or interpreter services, we can help. Get in touch today with our team to discuss your needs!

Global presence with local language skills

At Londonos, we believe that to ensure you do business globally with local language skills is imperative. Our experienced team can assist you with all your legal translation needs, whether it be a single document or a multi-lingual project. All our translations are completed by our network of translators who have been selected for their local language abilities to best suit your requirements. We provide translation services from within an international network into many major world languages including English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. With so many language combinations available to us we can assure you that there will always be someone available for your next assignment no matter where it takes place. Join us today by requesting an obligation free quote for your next legal translation or document translation service requirement.

Guaranteed confidentiality

Londonos will not disclose your sensitive information to any third party. All our employees have signed confidentiality agreements, binding them to abide by client privacy rules at all times. In addition, as part of our ethical service provision framework, we use secure online storage systems backed up by data encryption software. This means that your sensitive data is 100% safe with us at all times. Furthermore, you can rest assured that each of our translators is highly experienced within their sector and they are also professional members of relevant industry bodies such as ATA (American Translators Association), FIT (Federation of Interpreters & Translators) etc.

Full transparency at every stage

When you hire Londonos Translations, you’ll be assigned to a dedicated project manager who will work with you every step of the way. Our project managers are native speakers – which means they not only have an expert grasp on how documents should be translated but also know exactly what types of mistakes can be made during legal translation. We understand that our clients are often working under tight deadlines, so we’re committed to ensuring any changes that need to be made will happen as quickly as possible. Our goal is for you to receive your final document within 48 hours after approval – we also provide a guarantee stating that if your document isn’t ready within 24 hours, we will give you 20% off your next job with us.

Our experts ensure a successful project outcome

our specialised legal translators and interpreters have experience in translating documents, minutes, contracts, certificates, commercial correspondence, instructions, wills etc. We pride ourselves on our fast turnarounds: we are flexible when it comes to deadlines. Our customer service team will be happy to provide you with more information about our services or help you with any questions you may have.

Free consultation with no strings attached

In order to assist you with your language needs, Londonos offers a free consultation with no strings attached. This consultation will last up to 45 minutes and can be conducted via email or face-to-face. This gives our customers an opportunity to ask any questions they may have while allowing us to learn more about your specific needs. We look forward to assisting you! The offer is available for first-time customers only.

Get your first document translated for free!

If you’re looking for experienced legal translation or document translation services, Londonos is here to help. We’re a professional translation agency based in London, specialising in translating documents such as official documents, marriage certificates, divorce decrees and much more. Our translators are experts who have worked with international businesses for years. Having just started out yourself? Get your first document translated for free! Just email us at: [email protected]

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