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Swedish Translation

Approved Translators for Swedish Translation Services

The world of translation services can be tricky to navigate if you’re not familiar with the industry and the various types of translators available. Our Swedish translation company offers certified translators who have been approved by our in-country linguists, but if you’re looking to use an approved translator, you need to know that they are certified as well as how this affects your work. To help you out, here are some things to keep in mind about approved translators when working with our Swedish translation service.

Why certify your translation?

It is necessary to certify that your translation service provider is trustworthy and good at their job. If a translator doesn’t have any formal training, then how can you know they are good? The best way to ensure that a translation service provider is certified is to look at where they were accredited. There are different accrediting bodies out there so it’s best to make sure that an agency has been accredited by an organisation with international recognition. Another good way of knowing if a translation service provider is good is to ask other translators what they think.

What does it mean to be approved?

At Londonos, we only work with translators who have received a high level of quality control. We have a rigorous testing process that ensures each translator meets our high standards before being approved to take on client projects. Once certified and approved, each translator makes an annual exam that evaluates his or her knowledge of industry practices and customer service. To become an approved translator at Londonos is a long-term commitment that involves more than translation skills; it also means being dedicated to upholding our high standards.

The benefits of having an approved translator on your team

Certified translators are a vital resource to any company looking to expand its global reach. They understand exactly what it takes to convey information from one language into another, and they have undergone rigorous training, testing, and education to ensure that quality is always maintained. We don’t use certified translators lightly; at Londonos we only work with translators who are certified by professional translation associations. To become a certified translator means overcoming many challenges; so not all translators make it through their certification process.

How do I get approved?

The process to become an approved translator for a client can vary, depending on whether or not you already have a relationship with them. If you’re looking to become an approved translator for a client, start by contacting us and discussing your qualifications. We’ll let you know what’s required of you to get started as an approved translator—and, after that, we can help get you there. Our experts will look over your portfolio or samples from previous work and recommend one of our in-country linguists to work with—you’ll be assigned together and begin translating together. Once we’ve completed your translation projects successfully and submitted them on time, you will be officially designated as approved by our translation company’s team of professional translators in-country. Congratulations!

References from Sweden

We work closely with many translation agencies, companies and individuals in Sweden. References are available on request. We can also provide references from authorities, educational institutions and government bodies in Sweden. References are written by our clients that we have worked with over a period of time and shows us working on complex projects in a professional manner. All references will be given upon request if you decide to continue your search for a translator or translation agency in Sweden.

References from other countries

In many cases, not just in Sweden, but also in other countries such as Germany and France, government certification is required before someone can practice as a translator. The Einzelnormen-Übersetzerverordnung (Single Norms Regulation) states that anyone who wishes to provide translation services or interpret should receive either certification from an officially recognized institution of higher education or have at least three years of relevant experience. Every translator at our company has met both these requirements, so you can rest assured that our translations are accurate and trustworthy. You will always be dealing with professional certified translators in Sweden when working with us.

Additional information

As Londonos certified translation agency Sweden, We offer a full suite of professional translation services, including legal translations and sworn translations in over 150 languages. Our translators are all highly-qualified, professional linguists. Some have decades of experience translating across many different industry sectors and business domains, while others work as translators on a freelance basis. Regardless of which translator you work with—we believe you’ll find that each one is able to bring an exceptional level of linguistic knowledge to every project they undertake. Feel free to contact us today for more information about our Swedish translation services.

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