Norwegian Translation

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Norwegian Translation

London Translations Makes It Easy to Find a Native Norwegian Translator

So you need a Norwegian translator. Whether you’re an investor trying to do business in Norway, an American company looking to expand into the European market, or just someone who’s got some personal letters written in Norwegian that you want to be translated into English, you need to find someone who can translate from Norwegian fluently and accurately to English. If you turn to the internet, there are plenty of websites out there offering this kind of service, but how do you know who’s good and who isn’t?

Norwegian Translation Agency

When you’re looking for someone to translate your Norwegian documents, letters and more, it can be hard to know where you should start. While there are plenty of translation agencies out there, not all will provide professional-quality results—especially if they use non-native Norwegian translators. The key is working with an agency that knows how important it is to work with translators who not only speak excellent English but also native Norwegian. London Translations works with a team of veteran translators who are completely fluent in both languages and industry-experienced. We guarantee that your translations will be accurate, on time and completed at an affordable price—no matter what language or subject matter you need to be translated!

What We Offer

Our native Norwegian translators have deep industry experience and are able to translate documents, correspondence, contracts and more. With offices in Norway, we make it easy for international companies doing business in Norway to work with native Norwegian translators who know their industries inside and out. Our services are fast, efficient and competitively priced. London Translations is your best choice for finding a native Norwegian translator at an affordable price.

Norwegian Language Facts

4 million people speak Norwegian. It is an official language in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The Norwegian language is derived from Old Norse. In fact, Norwegian means North in Old Norse. 90% of Norwegian citizens speak their native tongue as a first language. While it might not be considered a Romance Language like Spanish or French, it is part of that linguistic family and has similarities with languages like Swedish and Danish. Because so many Norwegians understand other Nordic languages (most notably Swedish), learning another Scandinavian language can help you communicate with locals! Most Scandinavians learn English for business purposes but it’s always good to know more than one tongue when travelling abroad!

How We Can Help

The demand for Norwegian translation services is on an upward swing. But you shouldn’t hire any company that claims it can translate your project. Instead, hire London Translations. We work with native Norwegian translators and have years of experience in providing professional translation services. As a result, our team has developed strong relationships with native Norwegian translators and interpreters who are familiar with industry terminology and standards. When you hire us, we’ll use our expertise to find an experienced translator for your project so that you can be sure your document is handled correctly from start to finish.

Why Choose Us?

You can find any language or topic in London Translations’ database of native Norwegian translators. Our services are professional, high-quality and at affordable prices. We don’t just provide proofreading and editing; we also manage full localization projects from start to finish. If you’re looking for an agency that helps your business get ahead in Norway, look no further than London Translations!

Get in Touch

If you’re looking for an experienced Norwegian translation agency, look no further than London Translations. Our native translators are some of the best in our industry, and we have all of your translation needs covered. We also translate from English into Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Finnish. So whatever language you need to be translated into Norwegian (or any other Scandinavian language), we can help! Call today for more information about how we can help with your translation projects. Call Us on +442036424958 or Contact Us Online for a quote and consultation!

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