French Translation

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French Translation

Here at Londonos Translation, we help you reach your French-speaking customers by translating your business documents in such a way that they can connect to them easily in their language. We are approved by the French Consulate, so we use only native French speakers, who provide fast and accurate translations so that you can communicate better with your customers and staff, no matter where they are located around the world. No matter what type of document you need to be translated into French, from legal contracts to marketing materials or even website content, let us know and we’ll get started on it as soon as possible.

Our employees are 100%, native speakers

Your documents will be translated and not just converted. All our translators are graduates from leading universities and have at least 5 years of translation experience. Our translation agency has worked with all types of businesses in many different industries, ensuring that your document is 100% accurate. When you contact us, we will help you through every step to provide high-quality translations quickly and efficiently. We also offer to consult services to give you further insight into how to make your business stronger with French language marketing materials. If you want to boost your sales, let us help!

All our translators have a Master’s degree in translation

Every translator we use has at least a Master’s degree in translation and is fluent in French. This means that we are confident that our work meets—and exceeds—the high standards required for accreditation with various French embassies around the world. We’re able to offer such competitive rates because we choose translators carefully, check their references and charge accordingly. Our prices are not low because we take risks with quality, they’re low because we ensure every stage of our process is efficient and profitable. The big French translation agencies may be able to undercut us if they start offering lower quality services, but they don’t seem ready to do so yet!

There are no hidden fees

At our translation agency, we use professional translators who are all native French speakers. They translate your documents, such as website content, product labels and packaging to help you connect with your French-speaking audience. We also have established relationships with many French companies that operate in a variety of industries. If you need assistance setting up a sales account or business deal with these companies, we’ll make sure you have everything you need. Our connections in France will ensure that your products can be sold and distributed quickly and efficiently so that it benefits both you and us.

Our translators use up-to-date tools

Our translators use specialized software that enables them to translate your documents quickly and efficiently. They are bilingual and bicultural, with a vast network of industry contacts in both Canada and France, providing us access to excellent freelancers in numerous fields. Our team also includes native French speakers who know Quebec’s language rules well. In short, our translators are available 24/7 and can work on your file in any format at a competitive price. Their work has been approved by accredited French translation services in Paris, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and around Canada.

Proofreading services are included

After your translation is finished, we will provide a round of editing and proofreading. We go through every document with a fine-toothed comb, from ensuring there are no discrepancies in formatting to updating any outdated or broken links that may be present in your copy. You can be confident that your audience will only see what you want them to see and read exactly what you want them to read! For example, if you need a French translation for one of your business documents—whether it’s for an important presentation at work or an annual report you’re submitting—you can be sure that our translations are reliable and trustworthy. After all, we are approved by the French consulate! They know they can rely on us because they trust us as much as we respect them.

We offer 24/7 service

You can contact us to get an estimate for your document translation needs or to schedule a meeting with one of our representatives. We want you to know that we are committed to doing an outstanding job for you and will work hard to meet all of your translation service requirements. For your convenience, we offer 24/7 availability so you can use our services anytime it is convenient for you. The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner we can start providing excellent services that are tailored specifically for your business’s needs. Please fill out our contact form below or call us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

Translations should be done within 48 hours after receipt of the order

Here’s how our French translation agency that is approved by French consulates works: Your translation needs to be done within 48 hours after we have received your order. The translation will be checked for quality and accuracy, and then delivered to you. We also guarantee a faster turnaround time for business documents, with special attention given to deadlines. In case we are not able to deliver on time, we will provide a free extension of up to 14 days. Our policy is based on cooperation between us and our clients, which allows us to ensure that they get exactly what they need while maintaining an affordable rate. Here’s how it works: You place an order with us via email or phone call.

No word is too big or too small for us!

Many translation agencies don’t care about your business; they just want your money. They will tell you anything to get it, including making promises that they can’t keep. Our translators are fluent in over 100 languages, and our process is approved by not only local industry leaders but also accredited organizations around the world. And at Top Translations we can work with any word, no matter how big or small: there is no word too complicated for us!

Satisfaction guaranteed with free review & revision

We have a professional team of translators, from China, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. All of our translations are professionally translated and then reviewed for quality by at least two different translators. If you find any inconsistencies in translation, or you’re not satisfied with our French translation services for any reason, we will revise your document free of charge until you are satisfied with it. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Our company’s objective is to provide 100% accurate translations at a reasonable price.

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