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Carshalton Translation Agency

Londonos – Reliable translation service in Carshalton, London

Londonos is London’s leading provider of officially certified translation services in over 200+ languages, our certified translations are recognized by immigration bodies (UKBA/Home Office), NARIC and other official UK institutions. Whether you need documents translated into English or you need to translate your documents into another language, Londonos can help you with your Carshalton Translation Agency needs and requirements. We provide translations across all major languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Greek and Russian, to name but a few.

Translation Services

We offer a wide range of professional certified translations and interpreting services throughout Carshalton. Our translators are professional experts who are well versed with local dialects and languages. We have over 10 years of experience working with various clients across different industries that include automotive, education & medicine, travel & hospitality and legal just to name a few. We understand how important it is for you to get an accurate and authentic translation that makes sure you meet your customers’ needs and expectations as well as assist with any compliance requirements such as legal certifications or official documents. Therefore, all our translators carry out an extensive qualification procedure including specialist accreditation from NARIC (National Recognition Information Centre), UKBA (UK Border Agency) prior to being accepted on-board by us.

Certified Translations

The Importance of Certified Translations in Immigration Cases: If you are trying to obtain a visa to come work or live in the UK, you need certified translations. Our team of translators can help translate any document into more than 200 languages—and we are officially recognized by UK immigration bodies (UKBA/Home Office), NARIC and other official UK institutions. Don’t risk getting denied for an immigration-related problem; get your documents translated at Londonos!. You don’t have time to deal with trying to figure out what documents you need for a visa—let alone finding someone who can translate them properly.

Immigration Translations

If you’re applying for a visa or residence permit of any kind (Tier 1, Tier 2 etc), you’ll need certified translations from a recognised agency. This includes marriage and birth certificates. You can have these documents certified by your local government office or an online notary public service (for example or Notarize). But if you need an official certificate that’s accepted by UK immigration bodies and other official institutions (NARIC), only a translator accredited with NARIC can provide it.

Visa Applications

The most common application that requires a certified translator is a UK visa application. We will help you with an accurate and professional document at a very competitive price. With our support, your application will be accepted by UKBA or Home Office and you will be able to travel freely within the United Kingdom as soon as possible. Our experienced certified translators are ready to assist you with any kind of document: personal documents, diplomas and transcripts from schools & universities, marriage certificates and sworn translations (affidavits). Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with your Visa Application! How can we help?

Certifications Translations

Don’t put your entire immigration application at risk by using an uncertified translator. UK institutions recognize translations that are done through a registered translator. If you choose to use an uncertified translator, you put your entire immigration application at risk. For example, if an official document is translated incorrectly or even contains typos and errors, it can lead to delays or even a complete denial of your application. In some cases, it could even land you with a deportation order! That’s why it is so important to hire a certified translation agency with professional translators who have been properly vetted and work under strict supervision as well as procedures.

Documents Translation Services

Our goal is to provide certified document translations for every country where English is not an official language. We aim to provide fast and reliable services to support your goals. We handle over 200 languages and all types of documents from Birth Certificates to Passports. Our prices are some of the most competitive with no hidden costs or fees. At Londonos you will find a friendly professional team who pride themselves on providing high quality and efficient translation service that you can trust at every stage of your project.

Contact Us Section

Londonos provides reliable and accurate certified translations services for all types of documents that can be used for legal purposes, work or school applications. We translate any type of document including birth certificate translation to English, academic transcripts translation to English and marriage certificate translation to English. If you need a document translated into any language then our team of translators are there for you. Email us your documents with details about how quickly you need them back for a free quote and we will respond within 24 hours with a quote.

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