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Belvedere Translation Agency

Our translation agency in Belvedere London offers certified translations for all kinds of documents

Our translation agency in Belvedere London has been providing certified translations for over 20 years. Our translators are seasoned linguists specialising in specific areas of translation such as Medical & Pharmaceutical, Engineering & Manufacturing, Automotive, Information Technology, etc. They have the experience to provide you with the most accurate and precise translations from English to French or from French to English, on any kind of document (legal documents, official documents, university diplomas, technical material, medical records, etc.)

About Us

Our company has been specialised in translation services since 2001. Our expert linguists have vast experience and are highly qualified, which is why our services are 100% reliable. We also always provide free quotes and offer a wide range of additional translation services such as interpretation, certification or desktop publishing, depending on your needs. We translate all types of texts, such as medical & pharmaceutical reports, certificates & diplomas, marketing materials or contracts from English to any other language and vice versa. What’s more, we can also help you with immigration translations. As we live and work locally here in London, you can be sure that we will find a translator who speaks your target language – but only if necessary.

Translating Documents

Certified Translation Services by Our Translation Agency in Belvedere London Translating your personal or business documents can help give you a strategic advantage over your competitors. Why? Because companies often believe that if they’re doing business with another company, that other company speaks their language. So, if you’re a medical equipment supplier and you want to land a contract with an American client, you may want to do everything possible to make it easy for them—including offering translation services from French into English or German into English. By providing your clients with translation services, not only will you be able to make them feel more comfortable about their experience doing business with you—but you’ll also have an opportunity to impress them with your care and commitment to doing things right.

Notarisation Service

We translate and notarise any kind of certificate or document, no matter what format it’s in. With all translation jobs handled by our in-house team, we can provide a quick turnaround time and competitive rates on any given language pair. Whether you need to notarize a birth certificate, marriage certificate or death certificate from France, Italy or Germany – get your documents translated and notarised with us. Your request will be delivered promptly to one of our offices close to your area. Once your original document has been verified and translated into English (or other target languages), it will be returned either directly to you or through one of our trusted couriers’ services – depending on local legislation and individual requirements.

Legalisation Service

Have you translated your business documents recently? We can legalise and certify a translation made by our certified translators. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our services and find out what we can do for you. All that is required from you is a scanned copy of your translation so we can carry out legalisation. If you’re not sure whether your translation needs to be legalised, please contact us and one of our experts will help make sure your document will be okay to use as is. A Certificate Service may also be necessary if you plan on using your translated document abroad (such as if it was needed during international trade negotiations). It involves getting copies notarised at UK government offices around England or Wales, depending on where you need it legalised.

Endorsement Service

We specialise in translating and notarising endorsements to legal documents. If you’re looking to buy or sell property outside your home country, you may need a notarized endorsement from your bank. This is because when selling and buying internationally, your local bank is responsible for endorsing any changes to title deeds or transfer deeds (in England and Wales) which should be then sent to an authorised signing officer at each different bank that is involved with completing the transaction. Endorsements are also required on contracts between individuals. They can be notarised by us, usually within 24 hours, and then forwarded to our team who will have them ready for overseas signing authorities such as lawyers, solicitors or courts within 1-2 working days.

Contact Us

Ready to talk to a UK and London Belvedere translator? Call us at +442036424958 or write us using our contact form. We offer an easy-to-use price calculator where you can calculate your translation price in less than a minute. Our price calculator shows you how much we charge per word, meaning you’ll be able to give it your first guess on how much it will cost to translate one page of text – if only it were that easy with every other service out there! To ensure you can trust us with all types of translations, we also have testimonials from our customers, who are happy to sing our praises as translators and editors.

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